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Good Morning all…!! how was your Valentine day ?  I hope you all had wonderful and unforgettable moment with your loved one.  mine? I didn’t have it and I have not ever had it … yeah.. I am not romantic person either my hubby 🙂 for us Everyday is Valentine day, I know…. it  sounds so cliche,doesn’t it ? or we just being so stingy for spending some penny for present or dinner. 🙂 for each other  😦  , maybe it the reason why we never have one. bay the way, any way last weekend  I just spent my it  at flee market I really  love go there to find something good ,vintage and everlasting . I found  something like that, I took picture with my phone , but somehow I got trouble to transfer it to my PC . It  really upsets me. but  I got something similar one  . lets check this one guys                                                                                             http://goo.gl/FJCgrU13.08.31

it is a piece of beauty , isn’t it? simple, classy and everlasting .